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30 June 2012 @ 06:21 pm
Stopping Time.  
Funny how time flies. Literally. 

Three years ago, right before I stopped writing, I was staying at an old apartment in Pasig with two friends, Chris and Jesh. Chris had met Jef, a girl from his nursing class. I met Chris in E-Performax a year back while Jesh was an officemate's of Chris during their days in Convergys. Jesh was about to leave Dell, as I had recently begun a relationship with a certain woman named Robie and was planning to leave APAC.

Move forward to 2012 - Chris and Jef are married and now have two babies, with Chris working in Emerson and his family safely tucked somewhere in Global City. Haven't heard from Jesh since, but I found out she's working abroad. I am now married to Robie (who now calls herself Bella, thanks to Twilight).

Three years ago, Facebook was about to take over social media. Wikipedia was my favorite website for info on music. UFC and mixed martial arts were becoming mainstream. And I was starting to build my DVD collection.

Move forward to 2012 - Friendster has become obsolete, and Facebook has gone on to become a multimillion dollar brand. Wikipedia was this close to shutting down, while Twitter is slowly becoming the number one social media outlet. A little too short for my tastes, since my thoughts kind of flow in substantial amounts, but I find it useful nonetheless as it keeps me updated with news and in touch with my friends. Coolest thing is I get to follow/stalk my favorite NBA players and UFC fighters.

Three years ago, the music scene was dead. Save for a few in-betweeners like Up Dharma Down and supergroups like Bamboo, the local industry was already stagnant, thanks to lack of original material and support. Indie had become the new "in" thing, and K-Pop, well, I will never understand. Not much difference with the US market, as old school bands either just stopped making music or shifted to a totally different genre. 

Move forward to 2012 - Music is still dead with no sign of rising from the ashes. Bands like Oasis and Live have broken up, while there seems to have been a revival of the 90's movement. Reunions abound with Creed, Smashing Pumpkins, Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots, and Rage Against The Machine. I personally think it's not enough to help, since everyone else is just pretty much playing their old hits. Thank God we have YouTube to bring me back to memory lane.

Current Music: Live Forever/Don't Go Away/Cast No Shadow - Oasis