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Going Full Circle.

Rj Dans Isidoro
17 December 1980
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***my mind is my sanctum, my soul is my realm, my heart is my home. on the surface i am a friendly and caring person---but beneath me i am a deep thinking, troubled individual. i no longer dwell on the past, but i do not think too far ahead, either. i am extreme contrasts of both ends of a personality. at times quiet and shy, then loud and obnoxious the next. i am confident in a minute then insecure the next second. i am a rebel of sorts, but i never fight for what is wrong, i only fight for what i think is right. i refuse to let other people bring me down. i resist other people's shallow-minded attempts to mold me into what they think of me or what they think i should be. i am not afraid to admit that i suffer from lifelong identity crisis. music is my passion, my emotion, my life, and my outlet.

my greatest fears are not bring able to express myself, not being able to share my train of thoughts and ideas to others, not being able to help those in need, losing the people that matter most to me, not having enough time to achieve my goals and realize my dreams, not being able to enjoy music forever, and being a failure.***

in this journal you will find my daily ramblings, mixed emotions, reflections and delusions, random thoughts, rants and raves.


i make stupid mistakes but i never regret anything in my life. i never will.

i believe that it's only when you let something go can you truly appreciate its worth.

i am a deep thinker, oftentimes serious, but it doesn't hurt to be shallow sometimes.

i laugh at my own mistakes but never at other people's predicaments.

being unpredictable and mysterious adds spice to my life.

spontaneity (mine and others) catches me off guard and when it does i relish the moment and the feeling.

webster would run out of words if he tried to describe my complex personality and even more so my complicated life.

i absolutely dislike plastic people. and people who label & stereotype me.

at heart i am a homebody. i rarely go out though i would love to at every chance i get.

although i've had several different homes and been to places, i really don't go out on gimmicks and clubs.

even if it clashes with the fact that i drink (rarely now) and i love meeting people and new faces.

i couldn't dance even if i bet my whole life on it.

i was born prematurely at seven months.

if i had a soundtrack to my life it would be a five-volume cd set.

i have an alter ego, and i have been suffering from identity crisis my whole life.

on quiet "emo" moments all by my lonesome, i appreciate sarah mclachlan's music. or r & b.

music is my companion. my diverse choice ranges from annie lennox to 311 to aaliyah.

i spent my formative years thinking i was rich. until puberty kicked in and gave me a violent shove in the head.

knocked me unconscious and woke me back to reality.

i grew up at my grandparents. taught me how to live the simple life despite all the money and power.

i don't have a car, but i can travel for miles and hours just to see the girl i like.

i would love the idea of living in my dream house by the beach,

spending a lazy afternoon reading a book in my hammock and sipping iced tea. then taking long walks under the stars.

my alter ego depicts me as an intelligent, sensible, confident person who is friendly, easy-going, laid back, always

smiling, relaxed, sweet, caring, sensitive and happy. at times lazy and happy-go-lucky, but nevertheless, a simple

guy who loves to help people and someone who finds satisfaction in making others feel special.

inside the same man is a shy, insecure being who struggles with his own self-worth. he finds it hard to deal with

his own shortcomings, and he often lacks confidence. helping and making people smile is his outlet, and he relies

on his friends and music to help him cope. he fears rejection and loneliness and doesn't find himself physically

attractive. he tends to worry and think too much, and is a serious individual who doesn't let loose and always

wears his heart on his sleeve.

basketball is more than just a sport and outlet for me.

i have ocd. i am not proud of it, but neither am i ashamed of it.

i love my friends. they are my life. my family means a whole lot to me as well.

i now have four tattoos. beckham was right, in a weird way, the pain is addictive
and feels divine, even.