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01 June 2013 @ 03:03 pm
Literally speaking - Part 1.  
We often talk about coming full circle every time we experience a moment in our lives when, well, we go back into an exact phase, despite being a totally different person when that particular phase first took place. It's kind of hard to explain it in writing but I think you get my drift.

Coming full circle sometimes becomes too much of a reduntant topic that it sort of becomes a cliche. I hate cliches, and I hate redundancy as much as I hate cliches. I guess there are times when you really can't think of anything else to say or you get stuck in explaining something that you can't help but: a.) be redundant; b.) say a cliche; or c.) both a and b. Guess where I am at right now.

Anyway, I wanted to discuss coming full circle as my very first formal article in more than four years of being inactive from writing my life blog. Obviously I've come a long way from now, and in between, a lot has already happened in and outside my life. I just find it weird/funny/surreal that the mundane stuff that I've been rambling about ten years since I started this are the same old shit you'd be hearing from me, albeit being older/wiser/calmer/more mature/more jaded. God I hope I'm right about wiser.

The confidence level that I have in my own writing skills seem to go down every year. I admit, as we speak, I'm actually trying to get my instincts back. It's been so long. I bet all the people I've been communicating with here before has put theirs on the shelf and left for the cobwebs, maybe except for one (my cousin Sandra, who is absolutely phenomenal in writing her daily crap). So here I am trying to clear all that dust up again. I'm not much of a grammar whore anymore, I tend to mess up now and then, I find myself grasping for words sometimes, yet here I am typing away.

So ten years ago, I started doing this as an outlet, usually finding some free time at work. My diary started out as some random outburst of thoughts, usually discussing four things: basketball, work, music, and my life in general. Then it became my personal treasure chest, writing stuff about things like family and relationships.

Am I just weird that now I find myself wanting to write about all those things all over again? I guess so. In all honesty I can still remember when I couldn't let one day slip by without writing something, anything. I have far different priorities now, and more often than not I find myself too busy and preoccupied with a lot of things, either that or I'm dead asleep. One thing's for sure: I want to go back to doing this like a daily routine. I think I'm in the right direction as I am using my wife's laptop and we have decent 24/7 internet connection. Not bad.

Basketball - obviously I've gotten older, so naturally I had to adjust my game so I can continue to play as often as I can. I'd like to say that I've matured too, in terms of playing my favorite sport. I no longer feel inclined to be my team's leading scorer, just too happy to let the younger guys do their thing (and run). Funny thing is, most times I find myself running too. During my peak six or seven years ago, I wasn't running as much as I am now. I don't score as much as I used to, but I'm happy to contribute in other ways too. Rebounding, outlet passes leading to breaks, team defense, anything the team needs, you got it.

One thing I hate about me is I've probably retired more than Jordan has. I always find myself not being able to walk away permanently, which I should be considering. I'm only 32, but the last thing I want is to be forced to retire due to injury. I've been very lucky not to have any major injury ever since I started playing twenty years ago.

I'd probably continue to ramble on about basketball even after I stop playing.